Addiction Counselling

Start your addiction counselling journey today. Support, assessment, intervention, addiction counselling and recovery wellbeing tools and strategies for individuals, couples and partners for alcohol, substances and process behaviours incl. alcohol use disorder, substances, gambling and pornography problems.


Addiction Counselling

Private addiction counselling and recovery psychotherapy support for problematic or destructive behaviours, alcohol misuse, dependency and addiction. Addiction counselling is integrative, holistic and solution focused with a strong emphasis on psycho-education, intervention, understanding sobriety, working through trauma, childhood and attachment issues, well-being & relationship healing. Book today. Read the Day One recovery series blog with expert guests. 

Addiction counselling in Ireland for men and women. Assessment, intervention, partner support, regular addiction recovery counselling, weekly personal addiction therapy, pre and post rehabilitation support for men and women including recovery coaching options. Mild to moderate alcohol abuse support and addiction counselling. Harm reduction, sobriety and abstinence support and creating an alcohol free lifestyle in confidence. Self-help and group meeting support.

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