6 Intimate Well-being Products for the New and Curious Shopper

The intimate and sexual well-being industry is on fire right now. Driven by new research and development (R&D) and consumer demand from women who are embracing a liberated sex-positive and body-positive mindset. Sexual wellness is now important to women who are eager to shop for intimate wellness products which include products, supplements, technology, therapeutics, natural treatments, pharmaceuticals, and of course traditional vibrators and sex toys.

More importantly, the sexual wellbeing category is increasing the range of products to meet the growing consumer and medical demand of all genders and couples with individual intimate and sexual needs, conditions and problems. This category caters for female health and hygiene, fertility, period products, pelvic health, peri-natal and post-natal, menopause, disability, sexual problems/disorders, and medical and OB-GYN conditions.

The next time you find yourself in the sexual wellness section of the store feeling embarrassed, shake off the sexual shame and embarrassment and remind yourself – intimate wellness is a right for every body.’

The next time you find yourself in the ever-increasing sexual wellness section of a store feeling embarrassed, shake off that sexual shame and embarrassment and remind yourself – intimate wellness is a right for every body.

Find out more about my weekly Women's TLC Online therapeutic group for vaginismus and sexual pain conditions or visit the events page to book online.

Sexual self-esteem and body confidence start with the intrapersonal (inner) relationship you have with yourself and your body. It comes from learning to be comfortable in your own intimate body and allowing yourself to be connected, curious and intentional in doing what is best for you.

About BodyGra and SexSiopa online stores

Shawna Scott is the founder of the multi-award-winning and much beloved Irish-owned www.sexsiopa.ie and the latest www.bodygra.ie online stores. Over the years she began to notice that a large number of her customers were people dealing with pelvic pain conditions like Endometriosis, Vaginismus, and various forms of Gynae Cancer that require full or partial hysterectomies. Some of her clients were also people with different physical disabilities who found shopping difficult in a marketplace that was filled with endless choices but often did not include products that were right for them. Her online stores cater for all of these customers. They stock high-quality, body-safe silicone vaginal dilators, organic lubricants, health accessories, foam cushions for comfortable positioning and the world-famous Ohnut penetration bumpers.

At Body Grá we believe that sexual satisfaction is a human right, and we want to make pleasure attainable for everyone. If you’re dealing with painful sex due to Endometrosis, Vaginismus, Cancer treatment, etc. we want do all that we can to remedy that.’

Intimate well-being products for treating vaginismus symptoms

When I work with my clients who come to psychosexual therapy for vaginismus or sexual problems at some stage we may discuss sexual well-being products that may be therapeutic in some way for what they are experiencing. Plans and goals for some women attending therapy may be to introduce some of these products such as lubricants and dilators if they have not previously considered them before and if they feel appropriate within their treatment plan. A holistic and integrative treatment plan for vaginismus is one that fully respects the unique needs and goals of each individual client and is sensitive to the client’s presenting symptoms.

I have chosen this range of sexual wellbeing products from the sexsiopa.ie and bodygra.ie websites which are suitable for women interested in managing and resolving vaginismus symptoms and vulva pain or who simply wish to enhance self-comfort, sensation, stimulation or pleasure. Forget about penetration, insertion and deep vaginal orgasms – most of these products can be used for external use until you feel ready to take the next steps.

Organic Lubricant

YES WB Organic Lubricant

Finding a good quality natural lubricant you like is a game changer for painful intimacy and intimate touch. Body Grá recommends Yes WB water-based and Yes OB oil-based organic lubricant for vaginal intercourse and use with dilators or toys and daily natural lubrication that isn’t for intercourse. Lubricant can be used for sensate self-touch exercises, sexual touch, foreplay, dilator training (DT) finger training (FT) and insertion practice. If you are squeamish or have sensory-type aversions, practice opening the container and rubbing it between your hands and fingers or applying it to the dilator or clitoral stimulator a few times to get comfortable with the sensation, feel and texture before introducing it to the vulva area.

Vagiwell Vaginal Dilator Kit


Vaginal dilators are a common therapeutic product for treating vulva pain and vaginismus. Body gra stock has three types of dilator kits, Vagiwell, Calexotics and wearable She-ology. Take some time to choose the right good quality dilator for you to begin with. Vagiwell vaginal dilators are made from 100% medical grade flexible, satin smooth silicone making them comfortable for dilation exercises. They feature a bendable shaft and a cupped, ergonomic base so they’re easy to hold and comfortable to insert with practice. Start with touch and resting outside the vagina to reduce anxiety and stress. In case you feel confused a dilator serves a different purpose than a dildo which sounds similar.

The OhNut

The OhNut is a stackable silicone wearable penetration bumper that helps make penetrative sex more comfortable for anyone who experiences pain during intercourse. Ohnut is made from a soft, stretchy FDA-approved polymer and comes in 4 stackable rings. Just pull as many or as few of the rings to the base of the penetrating partner. They act as a bumper, making sure that the penis or sex toy only moves as deep as you’re comfortable with and can be used with a good quality water-based lubricant. The OhNut can also be used to enhance and simulate a more intense sensation for a male partner as a form of foreplay rather than a focus on penetration.

Svakom Massaging Vibrator

The Svakom massaging vibrator is a small compact massage vibrator that stimulates in two different ways at each end. Small, easy to grip and made from soft, velvety silicone with a flexible body, is fully waterproof and USB rechargeable. This product may be beneficial for anyone who wants to experience or enhance pelvic, vulva, clitoral and perineum sensation through massage and vibration movement without any emphasis on insertion into the vagina.

Svakom Cici Vibrator

The Svakom Cici rechargable vibrator is a slim sleek clitoral vibrator that can give intense, focused stimulation and features a flexible head for better positioning and exploration. Sex Siopa love this vibrator and can recommend it to anyone who wants strong external vibrations, but prefers a slim profile and needs it to be super quiet. Made from body-safe silicone & ABS hard plastic, it has 5 vibrations and is waterproof. It will be beneficial for women who are making progress on self-sensate focus or dilator training and who are ready to introduce clitoral and vulva stimulation and pleasure.

Duo Couples Vibrator

The Rianne S. Duo couples vibrator is a unique couples vibrator that can be used on any body type. Its unusual shape gives you a variety of ways with which to use it alone or with a partner. With the Duo’s 3 powerful motors, 1 in the shaft and 2 in the circle, both ends can be used for clitoral stimulation and the long end can be used internally. You can also use this vibrator on the penis, either through the circle or simply with the shaft held along the frenulum of the penis and it can be used together for couples who are practising non-penetrative grinding pleasure, foreplay and intimacy.

I hope this selection opens your eyes to some of the types of products available on the market that might suit your self-intimacy journey right now. Sexual health is also a mindset. Allow yourself to be open, curious and compassionate towards your sexual self instead of feeling fearful and anxious about your precious and perfect body. Love your body – body gra!

The vaginismus blog is for basic educational purposes only. Always inform yourself, read product instructions and consult your local pharmacist, health or medical professionals. 

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