A Call to Female Participants for Vaginismus Research in Ireland

Are you a woman in Ireland experiencing Vaginismus or GPPPD symptoms?

Would you like to get involved in important vaginismus research in Ireland?

Researcher Amy Cachia of Galway University would like to invite you to participate in the latest Vaginismus study in Ireland.

For over a year I have been writing the Vaginismus Blog Series and providing individual and group sessions to women and their partners living with the condition of vaginismus. I can tell you the biggest challenge for everyone is a lack of research into the condition and integrative treatments that help women to manage and resolve the sexual disorder which is why I have invited a range of experts to discuss the topic in the blog.

Did you know that the first research into vaginismus in Ireland in over forty years was published in 2022 by Dr Maria McEvoy. Hard to fathom right? Women’s health conditions and female sexual conditions need more attention and research.

You can read my expert guest vaginismus blog with Dr Maria McEvoy and find a link to her research in the article Dr McEvoy on her research insights, compassionate practices & understanding Vaginismus as a sociocultural phenomenon

Ireland desperately needs more research into the condition of vaginismus and women living with vaginismus for many reasons. To ensure better support, awareness, interventions and education for everyone involved in their treatment and support so that women with vaginismus symptoms can be better informed of how to manage the condition, seek professional services and be self-informed and empowered.


Amy Cacia, a researcher at Galway University is undertaking vaginismus research and would like to invite you to participate. If you would like to find out more about getting involved in this new research project by Amy Cachia from the University of Galway email a.cachia1@universityofgalway.ie

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Orlagh Reid

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