Addiction Recovery Self-help Support Groups in Ireland

Starting a recovery process begins with a desire to stop and by reaching out to others for support. This is often a family member or friend, GP, rehabilitation facility, addiction therapist or support group. A strong recovery plan in the early days will include a good support network, self-care and establishing sobriety.

Support can come in many different forms. Below is some information about attending support groups in Ireland for problematic behaviours, dependencies and addictions – all that is required is a motivation or desire to stop.

Start recovery self-help groups early

The most helpful and therapeutic support you can receive from those who understand exactly what you are going through either personally in their own recovery journey or professionally as addiction specialists. Engaging in support groups in the early stages of starting recovery connects you to peers and a strong supportive network.

Watch the Daily Recovery Check-in series on YouTube for short recovery tips HERE

Attending self-help support group meetings such as the 12-Step Programme meetings, Smart Recovery or Lifering connects you with others in all stages of recovery. Meaningful new connections and relationships develop through support groups which will help you stay committed to your recovery.

The most helpful and therapeutic support you can get will come from those who understand exactly what you are going through…

Most support groups now hold daily meetings virtually online and in various locations around Ireland.

Since the pandemic started many support groups moved from face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings which are hosted online via ZOOM and some by telephone. Face to face meetings have resumed in most locations and attendees can now benefit from combining both face-to-face meetings and online meetings. This has allowed those in recovery more convenient access to regular daily meetings.

Take the first positive step in your recovery and reach out to a support group

Check out the individual websites for meeting times, resources, self-assessment information, literature,  contact details and family support information. Contacting someone on the support group helpline is a positive first step towards getting support. It is normal to feel apprehensive about attending a support group in the beginning – there will always be people there to make you feel welcome every time.

Self-help Recovery Support Groups in Ireland & Online

Smart Recovery – Addiction recovery support group –

Smart Recovery Org – Self-help addiction recovery –

LifeRing – Self-help support group for overcoming addiction –

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) –

Cocaine Anonymous Ireland (CA) –

Food Addicts Anonymous –

Gamblers Anonymous (GA) –

Marijuana Anonymous (MA) –

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) –

Overeaters Anonymous –

Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) – Twelve Step self-help support group for sex and pornography recovery

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA Ireland) – Twelve Step self-help support group for sex and pornography addiction –

Self-help Support Groups for Partners

Al-Anon – Support for partners & families members of alcoholics –

S-Anon – Support for partners of SA –

Gam-Anon UK & Ireland –

Co-dependents Anonymous Ireland –


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