Join me for an Irish Vaginismus Community Online Event this May

Come and join me online this May 27th 2024 @ 8 PM for an Irish Vaginismus and Co. Community event. This is an online community get-together for women in Ireland living with Vaginismus symptoms. The and company, or Co. is to be inclusive of those women who experience very similar vaginismus symptoms relating to Vulva pain, penetration pain, pelvic pain and gynaecological conditions such as Dyspareunia and Endometriosis which affect sexual wellness and well-being.

The Vaginismus Blog series has led many women to my private practice for all types of reasons seeking information, therapy and coaching. It has been such an unexpected success with positive feedback from clients and professionals helping to raise awareness and information about vaginismus symptoms and similar sexual disorders and gynaecological conditions in Ireland.

I want to continue building an Irish vaginismus community for women to come and talk openly about managing symptoms, supporting each other, learning and sharing experiences and ideas. This is the first Vaginismus Community online event organised by me, Orlagh Reid.

The Vaginismus & Co. Community Online Event Details:

When: Monday 27th May 2024 at 8pm

Duration: 70 minutes approx

Where: Online via Zoom

Booking: Book online at

Cost: €15 per person

Booking Terms and Conditions Apply

What’s it all about?

An empowered and supportive community for women! The focus of the Vaginismus and Co Community evening is to facilitate a positive and empowering space for women to share experiences, discuss important topics impacting them, talk about management and integrative practices for vaginismus, vulvar conditions and female sexual wellness and to create a sense of supportive and collaborative community for women in Ireland.

Research and the women I support all identify major gaps in adequate support and longterm feelings of aloneness and loneliness. Let’s support each other together.

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Orlagh Reid, Clinical Sexology Psychotherapist, Coach and Sexual Health Promotion Facilitator will be hosting this 70-minute online community event in an informative and engaging way.

Special Guests – Olivia Teehan

I am delighted to announce that joining me on May 27th 2024 will be Irish Sexual health promotion expert and Sex Educator Oliviva Teehan to talk briefly about Female sexual pleasure and The Pleasure Project.

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What to expect for the Irish Vaginismus Community Online Event

The 70-minute community session facilitated by Orlagh Reid will be a welcoming, relaxed and positive open space. We will discuss all the topics affecting attendees including talking about symptoms, and integrative approaches to managing the condition. When booking online, those who have registered will be invited to answer an online questionnaire so that we can talk about what you want to talk about for the duration of the session. This will include sharing positive experiences, tips, advice, helpful information, good books, podcasts etc. This is not a support group. It is a positive empowering vaginismus community space hosted by Orlagh Reid with a strong emphasis on positive psychology, self-coaching and sexual well-being.

You are invited to attend with your video on or off. It is only for women over 21 who are living in Ireland or Irish women living abroad. You can come and talk or sit back and actively listen to conversations. The more you get involved the more you will get out of the community space. There will be 15 minutes for Q & A, questions and answers at the end. A follow-up email will be sent with some community highlights from the session.


Come and join us online on Monday, May 27th at 8 pm via Zoom.

Visit the EVENTS page for more information or book directly online here.

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