MEDIA: We Need to Talk About Vaginismus

In the latest edition of Stellar Magazine, I talk to journalist Jade Hayden about the condition of vaginismus, the reasons why women come seeking help and the impact that society and the lack of services and information have on women with the condition.

The lack of information exacerbates these symptoms and heightens womens sense of hopelessness, and usually that is why they end up coming to therapy. Many women with vaginismus learn to just manage the condition rather than working towards resolving it positively.

Orlagh Reid – We need to talk about vaginismus, Stellar Magazine

Read more in my Vaginismus Series Blog about the condition, how to manage it better and the many holistic interventions, such as psychosexual therapy, that can help you resolve, accept and come to terms with this sexual and penetrative disorder in a positive way. There are a range of Ask The Expert articles that I hope will help you learn more about the condition.

Ask the Expert Special Guests!

Grace Alice O Shea – Sex Educator

Dr Maria McEvoy talking about her vaginismus research.

Specialist Pelvic Physiotherapist therapist Lorraine Boyce.

Specialist Pelvic Physiotherapist Clinic – Vie Physio

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Orlagh Reid

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