PODCAST: Nourish your Body and Mind in Recovery with The Addiction Nutritionist Podcast by Kelly Miller

Kelly Miller may be located across the water in Colorado, USA but with a name like Kelly it will come as no surprise that her father’s family roots can be traced back to Donegal, Ireland! I discovered Kelly talking about addiction nutrition for recovery on a podcast about two years ago. I was really fascinated and interested in how significant nutrition in recovery was that I immediately reached out.

It struck me that in over a decade of working in addiction counselling and treatment in Ireland, that nutrition is not high enough (if ever) prioritised as part of an integrative approach to recovery wellbeing. Want to learn more? Take a read of our recent articles together, super fuel your recovery with addiction nutrition, water, hydration and brain power and the addiction nutritionist talks about nutrition and recovery.

I absolutely love Kelly Miller’s recovery and nutrition podcast and I believe anyone who is starting the process of addiction treatment, alcohol recovery or just trying to overcome dependency or addiction can benefit from looking at their diet and nutrition – after all, food is medicine and water is life.

We know scientifically that diet, nutrition and hydration are essential to health and mental health. Since reaching out, Kelly has been a regular contributor of her expertise and insights on the power of addiction nutrition for recovery, health and wellbeing on my blog.

All about Kelly Miller aka The Addiction Nutritionist

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Kelly Miller is a Nutrition Therapist and Recovery Coach who specializes in nutrition for addiction recovery. After years of struggling with addiction and disordered eating, she founded The Addiction Nutritionist, a virtual coaching and consulting business, as well as RecoveryU, a digital hub for education and community for those looking to optimize their health and wellness after addiction. Her programs help to uncover the biochemical root causes of addictive behavior, cravings and mood instability, to create a targeted roadmap of nutrition and supplementation designed to improve recovery outcomes.

She also works with treatment facilities to train clinical staff, educate patients, facilitate nutrition therapy groups and create or improve nutrition programs. She currently lives in Parker, Colorado where she enjoys the outdoor life with her chef husband and two teenage boys. 

About the Podcast

Kelly Miller, Nutrition Therapist, Master Health Coach and Recovery Coach is joined by her Co-host Nikki Aiello and other expert guests to share stories, insights, education, and practical applications for using Nutrition Therapy, targeted supplementation, and various lifestyle and mindset shifts to uplevel your health and wellness in recovery, eliminate addictive substances and behaviors, and permanently move from reactive to resilient!

What can you expect from the podcast?

Launched in 2023, The Addiction Nutritionist podcast has over 28 episodes to date, featuring special guests discussing topics relating to addiction, recovery, nutrition, health and wellbeing. I absolutely love Kelly Miller’s podcast and I believe anyone who is starting the process of addiction treatment, alcohol recovery or just trying to overcome dependency or addiction can benefit from looking at their diet and nutrition – after all, food is medicine and water is life.

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  • E18: Holistic Psychiatry
  • E17: All about Sleep
  • E16: The Connection Between Depression and Nutrition
  • E15: Stress Management with Mikkel Clarke
  • E12: Weigh loss in recovery with Susie Thomsen
  • E10: Creating Natural Highs with Jacob Yoder


Water, Hydration and Brain Power for Recovery with Kelly Miller

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