DEARG Podcast: Orlagh Reid Psychotherapist on Endometriosis Support and Well-being Management

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The DEARG Podcast hosted by Kathleen King, provides a platform for meaningful discussions about endometriosis and adenomyosis, offering valuable insights from experts like Orlagh Reid. Join us on DEARG, the podcast dedicated to shedding light on endometriosis and adenomyosis. Today, we have Orlagh Reid, a qualified psychotherapist and relationship therapist based in Naas, County Kildare. Orlagh’s extensive training and personal experience with endometriosis offer a unique perspective.

About our guest Orlagh Reid, Clinical Sexology Psychotherapist & Coach

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Orlagh Reid lives in Naas, Co Kildare, Ireland and has a busy online Psychotherapy and Coaching private practice. She delves into her professional background, which spans coach, psychotherapy, sexology, fertility training and Complementary Health Therapy. Her passion for these fields stems from a desire to address the intimate aspects of well-being, and sexual and reproductive health.

She emphasises the importance of specialised therapy, especially for conditions like endometriosis, where tailored approaches make a significant difference.

Orlagh who is a professional Life Coach now provides Health Coaching to help women make significant health, wellbeing and lifestyle changes for positive health.

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The podcast emphasises the importance of endometriosis support, inclusivity and flexibility in therapy sessions, with the option to involve partners. Orlagh believes in tailoring the duration of sessions to maximize effectiveness.

What is the psychological impact of living with Endometriosis pain symptoms?

Orlagh discusses the psychological and emotional impact of living with misdiagnosed and undiagnosed chronic pain conditions such as endometriosis and the challenges women experience being heard and acknowledged when it comes to their presenting symptoms in front of GPs. She shares her lived experience of living with undiagnosed and dismissed endometriosis symptoms and the subsequent frustration and anger post diagnoses and surgery with extensive visits to healthcare professionals and doctors who overlooked common endometriosis symptoms. Read more in Your Pain is Real. Period.

Endometriosis Support for Women in Ireland

The message from Orlagh to women with endometriosis wherever you are in your pre or post-recovery journey is to get endometriosis support and help from family, friends, and those in the community. Make sure your GP is on board and working with you and providing signposting to addiction services, treatments and consultants if necessary. Make your health, well-being and lifestyle an absolute priority every day when living with chronic pain and get professional help from a Psychotherapist who understands the challenges of living with chronic conditions like Orlagh Reid.

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Unmanaged pain, over-reliance on medication and not looking after your total well-being is a downward spiral. It’s so important not to turn to unhealthy habits that will impact women in a negative way such as using alcohol, self-medicating, drugs and unhealthy high carb high sugar foods to deal with low mood and mood regulation. Getting support, feel supported and learning to be a self-advocate will make the healing process more manageable. Book an online therapy or coaching session with Orlagh Reid here.

Read Orlagh Reid’s health blog here for more articles on women’s health and wellbeing including an Endometriosis Series with special guests Heather Guidone, Kathleen King and Orla O’Connor. We hope you enjoy this podcast about the psychological impact of endometriosis and getting endometriosis support.

Watch this DEARG Podcast Episode with Orlagh Reid on YOUTUBE


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Orlagh Reid

Orlagh Reid is an IACP accredited Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Addiction Counsellor, Gottman Couples Therapist and Fertility Counsellor in private practice based in Co. Kildare, Ireland and worldwide online via DOXY. She specialises in addiction, recovery, well-being and clinical sexology. To find out more or to book an online consultation visit

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