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The Daily Recovery Check-in video and blog series on YouTube with Orlagh Reid are short three to five-minute videos for those in substance and process addiction recovery to help set them up for a stronger recovery every day. These videos share tools, insights and exercise for the day ahead.

Each short daily recovery video clip invites viewers to check in with themselves and their recovery and how they are feeling today and provides simple insights, strategies or tools specifically about recovery well-being for the day ahead. Subscribe to the daily recovery check-in on youtube here.

I started to create the short recovery well-being video content in July because I noticed my clients starting recovery and in early recovery were lacking focus and direction each day and needed to raise their awareness and understanding of addiction recovery in order to get a handle on establishing sobriety.

These short, easy-to-watch motivational videos of addiction and recovery help can be watched in the morning to create more focus on recovery through the day. Establishing strong recovery and staying in a recovery process first and foremost requires professional help, group support and self-help, not just a focus on sobriety and abstinence.

Welcome to the daily recovery check-in videos, helping you to have a strong recovery for the next 24 hours.”

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The purpose of the daily recovery check-in series is to provide short videos to watch in the morning that will help set you up for a strong recovery day. Recovery is an active process, it is something that those in recovery actively work on every single day. Recovery is also a transition from addiction into recovery, there is much to learn and understand. Self-awareness is key to self-help and recovery. These videos provide simple suggestions, insights and ideas for viewers to consider throughout the day for a strong recovery every single day.

Youtube videos – The Daily Recovery Check-in video content

Subscribe and watch some recent Daily Recovery Check-in videos below for addiction and recovery help and well-being. Set yourself up for a strong recovery everyday with support, sobriety and self-help.

#5 You alone can do it, but you can not do it alone

#8 Going to therapy and finding a therapist

#10 People, places, things and technology

#14 Reflecting on Yesterday

#15 Recovery School


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