The 10 Minute Daily Recovery Check-in in 6 Simple Steps

Embracing the wonderful healthy habit of a daily recovery check-in will set you up nicely for the day ahead. This simple 10-minute mindful recovery exercise can be done no matter where you are – first thing before you get out of bed, while eating breakfast, out in the garden in the fresh air or sitting in your car before you head out to work. It can adapted as a recovery exercise for any health condition and rehabilitation. Want to learn more? Subscribe and watch the Daily Recovery Check-in on YOUTUBE below.

‘This morning recovery check-in will help you to prioritise your recovery throughout the day rather than it being an afterthought.

Daily recovery

Shifting into a recovery mindset after a period of dependency and addiction will take some time to master, which is why it is so important to give lots of time and attention to your recovery practices and plans each and every day. A simple way to do this is to develop a daily habit of doing a recovery check-in in the morning for the day ahead.

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This morning recovery check-in will help you to prioritise your recovery throughout the day rather than it being an afterthought. Give your recovery as much time as your addiction took from you throughout the day. A strong recovery plan and using a recovery diary for planning out your week will reinforce your goals.

6 Simple Steps for Mindful Recovery

The morning daily recovery check-in is a simple mindful recovery practice which should take no longer than ten minutes each morning. You can include 5 minutes of stretching or breathing exercises at the end if you have more time available. Make this your own ritual and include anything else that will work well for you. It will become second nature after a couple of weeks. Here are a few steps to follow – have a strong recovery day!

“…give lots of time and attention to your recovery practices and plans each and every day.”

Step One: Take some quiet time alone and tune into how you are feeling in the moment. Are you feeling positive or stressed, tired or full of energy today? What is your body and mind telling you that you need for the day ahead? Self-care is the skill of listening to what you need and taking time to care and love yourself in a positive and nurturing way. 

Step Two: Use your recovery diary to check-in and see what you have planned for that day. Keeping a daily recovery diary helps you to plan days and weeks ahead and commit to recovery practises like therapy, support meetings, recreation and any activity which positively reinforces your recovery goals.  

Step Three: Write into your diary your days in sobriety. This is the number of days you are actively sober, i.e. day 5 or day 105! Keep counting your sobriety days so that you can celebrate milestones and achievements to keep you motivated, focused and building recovery confidence.

Step Four: The morning check-in can be a good time for a quick list making exercise to help clear your mind of errands, thoughts or things to do that day. Write a list of ways to cope and manage if you experience urges or impulses today.  

Step Five: Take a minute to practice some positive recovery affirmations for the day ahead. If you are expecting any difficult or challenging events that day, take a few minutes to prepare yourself for how you can navigate these in the best, most successful way you can.

Step Six: Finally, how is your support network looking for the day ahead? Make sure to check-in with the people in your life who are caring, supporting and encouraging your recovery and avoid those who may compromise it in any way.

Connection with others is such an important aspect of addiction recovery. Maybe you are supporting others in their recovery too – reach out to them and see how they are doing today and feel good about supporting others. 


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