YouTube: Watch the Women’s Vaginismus TLC Online Group Information Session

This month I commenced the new weekly Womens TLC Online Group via Zoom for Irish women in Ireland and abroad. If you were unable to attend on the day or are interested in booking these therapeutic, learning and coaching 1-hour group sessions for women experiencing vaginismus and genito pelvic penetration pain disorder symptoms or experiencing fear and anxiety about intimacy and sexuality, then this new online group is for you!

You can watch the 20-minute introduction and information session on YOUTUBE here.

Vaginismus Support Group Ireland

Visit the events page to discover the upcoming dates for this weekly online group for women. Take a read of the popular vaginismus series blog to learn more about female sexual intimacy, sexual health and sexual self-esteem.

Watch the Information session recorded on ZOOM for the Women’s TLC Online Group on YOUTUBE.

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