Coaching is a partnership with coaching clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential. A coach helps people who are stuck in or with a problem and are unable to find a way forward or are unclear as to how to solve and resolve an issue or reaching their potential. Coaching is a positive pro-active and inspiring process which put the client in the driving seat so that they can reach their full and limitless potential.

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Life, Personal & Business Coach

Coaching is present-future focused. It helps men and women to make decisions, plans, set goals and achieve personal targets and successes in any aspects of their life and business. Coaching is suitable for a wide range of areas including personal, business, health, relationship, intimacy, recovery, wellbeing and practical life transitions. Coaching has many creative elements and helps client get in touch with their creativity, hopes, dreams and innate untapped potential. Coaching can be attended on an individual session basis but is best achieved through a series of coach sessions over a period of time.

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Take control of your own appointment bookings with the online Acuity Scheduling booking system. You can view, book and pay for your next coach and therapy appointment 24/7 giving you the power to plan, reschedule and cancel bookings weeks in advance.

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