Fertility Coaching

Fertility coaching online for men, women and couples with experienced professional Coach, Fertility Psychotherapist and Complementary Health Therapist Orlagh Reid. Fertility coaching provides you with a therapeutic space to begin to reach your full health and wellbeing potential on your fertility and planned parenthood journey. Orlagh who is also a qualified Specialist Fertility Counsellor with the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) and previously a trained Fertility Reflexologist with the NRRI is the perfect Fertility Coach for the next stages of your fertility journey.

Coaching Online

Fertility Coaching

Why choose fertility coaching?

Fertility coaching is suitable for those considering natural conception or IVF assisted fertility treatment options. There are wide range of reasons and conditions why my clients choose Fertility Coaching in Ireland.

From focusing on improving overall fertility health such as lifestyle changes, stress management, work/life balance, women’s health conditions and even removing unhealthy habits such as alcohol, caffeine, sugar, substances etc. As your Fertility Coach I will help you to identify the steps you want and need to take, the professionals who can help you make progress and create a fertility wellbeing programme centred.

Personal coaching is present-future focused unlike fertility counselling which is past-present focused. It can complement your fertility counselling process or may be a step onwards when ending fertility counselling.

Orlagh Reid who is also a Fertility Counsellor and qualified Relationship therapist can provide coaching online to you individually or to you and your partner as a couple at the same time at no extra cost.

Coaching is founded on positive psychology. Setting goals, actions and tasks, moving beyond challenges and providing you with space to think differently and change perspectives. Fertility coaching is attended for a number of sessions depending on your needs.

It is important that you feel invested and ready to work with a coach and both motivated to change and also have the capacity to change and be active in your coaching goals and tasks. If you feel you are overwhelmed and struggling psychologically right now you may be best working with a fertility counsellor until you feel ready to start coaching sessions.

Fertility Coaching conversations include:

  • Fertility goal setting
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Wellbeing
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation
  • Self-care
  • Overcoming Unhealth habits
  • Mindfulness
  • Planning
  • Psychological blocks
  • Finding the right health professionals
  • Preparing for check-ups/treatments.

1 hour online coaching appointments are hosted via DOXY, a secure HIPPA compliant telemedicine platform for clinicians.

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