Fertility Counselling

Specialist fertility counselling and infertility counselling in Ireland for natural & assisted conception, IVF, donor conception, miscarriage, voluntary and involuntary childlessness, endometriosis, sexual and reproductive concerns. Online fertility counselling for individuals and couples.


Fertility & Infertility Counselling

Fertility and infertility counselling is for both women and men seeking therapeutic support who are experiencing any fertility related concerns on their path to parenthood and beyond. Primary infertility, subfertility, unexplained fertility, medical diagnosis and sexual problems can impact on physical, mental, emotional and relational health. Fertility counselling will support you through any stage of your individual fertility journey. Orlagh is a specialist fertility counsellor trained with the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) in the UK and is also a registered fertility reflexologist with the N.R.R.I 

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Take control of your own appointment bookings with the online Acuity Scheduling booking system. You can view, book and pay for your next therapy appointment 24/7 giving you the power to plan, reschedule and cancel bookings weeks in advance.

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