General Counselling

General counselling for men and women in Ireland who need a safe confidential space to start talking about a range of personal concerns such as sexual problems, relationships, separation, health concerns, illness recovery, dependencies and addiction recovery etc. Counselling is also a safe place to explore in depth meaningful topics such as life transitions, life purpose, spirituality, attachment and self-development. 


General Counselling

Integrative counselling and psychotherapy provides a compassionate, supportive, non-judgemental and private therapeutic space for men and women to talk openly and in depth about concerns they may be experiencing. Generally counselling is often the first step in seeking out more specialist counselling and referral onwards for specific problems and conditions.


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Online Session

Schedule Appointment

Take control of your own appointment bookings with the online Acuity Scheduling booking system. You can view, book and pay for your next therapy appointment 24/7 giving you the power to plan, reschedule and cancel bookings weeks in advance.

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