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Grow your passion, grow your practice with Personal and Business Coach Orlagh Reid who has over 15 years experience growing a busy Coaching, Psychotherapy and Complementary Health Therapy practice in Kildare, Ireland. You have done all the hard work, studying, training and certification, now it is time to grow your practice and focus your sights on growing your client base, getting your name out there and waking up every day doing what you love. Start your business coaching for health professionals journey with Orlagh Reid as you navigate together the key elements of getting your business up and running in Ireland, taking it to the next level or putting yourself out there fearlessly as the expert in your field.

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Business Coaching for Health Professionals

Grow your passion, grow your practice!

I provide business coaching to a range of Health Professionals, Wellbeing therapists, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Health Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Physiotherapists and any health professional who wishes to start a new business, grow their existing business or branch out into a new field of expertise. 

Save time, energy and money by investing in a business coach to support and guide you through your business plans and dreams.

As an experienced Health Professional and Coach I will coach you through common business practices such as developing a clear business strategy, finances, marketing, growing your client base, networking, social media, blogging, websites, getting your practice online and creating video content to help make you a stand in the industry. 

A business coach can help explore ideas you may have about expanding your professional services and exploring business ideas such as book writing, online courses, webinars and workshops.  

As a business coach I will provide you with Health Professional Business Coaching to focus and explores the below key areas:

  • Business Strategy
  • Planning
  • Networking
  • Advertising
  • Websites
  • Working online
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Media & Podcasts
  • Online Presence
  • Online Courses
  • Making ideas a reality


1 hour online coaching appointments are hosted via DOXY, a secure HIPPA compliant telemedicine platform for clinicians.

Coaching packages available – email me 

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