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The Endless Spiral Podcast


In this two part episode my guest Psychotherapist and Coach Orlagh Reid join me to discuss anxiety, focusing on GAD which stands for Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks. We discuss our own diagnosis of GAD and discuss related topics such as panic attacks, depression, disordered eating, health, lifestyle and recovery from a personal and professional perspective. LISTEN HERE

Orlagh gives some insight into her own life experiences, as well as explaining what anxiety looks like to different people and offers up some advice on managing your anxiety on a daily basis.

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Forbidden Topics Podcast 

Forbidden Topics is the Irish dating and intimacy podcast, where no topic is off limits. ToriJoan aka TJ, from Dublin, Ireland started Forbidden Topics because I realised that we really struggle with having conversations around sex, dating and intimacy.  Conversations around these topics can be hard to navigate and it can be difficult to ask the questions or even know who to ask.

In this episode, The Porn Paradox, Orlagh Reid talks to me about all the pornograpy related problems and concerns male clients bring to her therapy practice. We discuss problem pornography use, signs, getting help and sex positive sexual recovery. 


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Delivering Endometriosis and Adenomyosis Resources and Guidance

Episode 4: The psychological impact of endometriosis, self-care and therapy with Orlagh Reid, 

I join long-term endometriosis advocate, acupuncturist and medical scientist Kathleen King as we discuss the many aspects of living with diagnosed and delayed endometriosis and adenomyosis. We touch on self-care, fertility struggles and anxiety, pain management and how women in therapy are coping with the condition. Available on your favourite podcast platform and and YouTube.

Watch the DEARG Podcast on YouTube


Episode 9: Starting Psychosexual Therapy with Orlagh Reid

I join Psychotherapists Annmarie Gray and Katie Richardson in their new podcast Where Do I Go From Here? to talk about Starting Psychosexual Therapy. What to expect, sexual concerns clients bring to sex therapy, challenges in Irish society that persist around open honest discussions in Ireland.

Serious, honest and humorous conversations about starting sex therapy in Ireland in 2023. Listen on your favourite podcasting platform or follow on Instagram.

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The Jessica Cooke Podcast

Episode 89: Breaking the cycle. Your guide to overcoming unhealthy habits and unwanted alcohol use with Orlagh Reid
In this episode, Psychotherapist Orlagh Reid shares with me her 5 Steps To changing Unwanted behaviours. Orlagh shares insights into women’s relationship with alcohol in Ireland. How the counselling process with an addiction specialist can help women address problem alcohol consumption and we talk through 5 simple steps to change unwanted behaviours. 
Listen here or on your favourite podcasting platform.

Visit www.jessicacooke.ie


Episode 20: Psychosexual Therapist Orlagh Reid Talks Female Sexuality and Self-Intimacy

The Woman Up! podcast hosted by Hazel Katherine Larkin is hosted by women, for women and all about the modern topics and conversations effecting women today. 

In this episode, I am joined by Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexology Psychotherapist Orlagh Reid. We discuss women’s sexuality, sex therapy, vaginismus, sexual shame and the disconnect women often feel from their sexual self. We talk about what self intimacy means and how it can benefit women with sexual problems and have lots of chit chat and humour along the way.

Visit www.traumarecovery.ie 

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A suicide Prevention podcast hosted by Leo Flowers, Psychologist and Comedian

Orlagh Reid: Anxious attachment, deposits of intimacy and unburdening yourself.

Irish Psychotherapist Orlagh Reid shares her personal and professional experience of living with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation and her journey from therapy to therapist. In this episode we discuss depression, therapy, anxiety and the challenges of getting through the depression recovery process and being able to flourish after depression.

Visit leoflowers.com/podcast